Welcome to the World of Speed Wiki. As things are settled up here, here are some rules.


  • Do not create duplications of existing pages. There's really no need!
  • Do not create pages that are completely empty or lack sufficient content to justify their creation.
  • Experimenting should always be done in a user's own Sandbox.
  • Images attached to an article should relate to the content highlighted!
  • Mentioning of unreleased, rumored, speculated or unauthorized content on any page is prohibited.
  • Usage of real-life contextual information is only allowed under specific circumstances.
  • Use internal linking such as World of Speed Wiki or w:c:community:Home (Community Central) when linking to another page or another Wikia.
  • Articles have to be written from a neutral point of view (3rd person).
  • Any other language other than English is not allowed.


  • No irrelevant pictures to an article.
  • Icons are only allowed if it has a transparent background and ends with the extension ".png".
    • Icons must not exceed 128 x 128 pixels,
  • Images may not exceed 10 MB or more.
  • Images with watermarks (other than Images with the World of Speed logo) are prohibited.
  • Fan made pictures on article pages are not allowed unless within reasons. They are, however, allowed on User Pages.
    • Fan or user images must start with their username as the first part of its filename. Example: "UserImage_ILoveWos_My_Awesome_Ride_13.jpg"


  • Comments asking questions that are already answered in the current article will be removed.


  • A user creating a forum thread should include as much detail, concerning their topic, as possible.
  • Do not create duplicate forum threads regarding the same subject.
  • Vague threads will be removed.
  • A thread will locked upon either moving too far from its original post or being answered.

Community Interaction

  • Personal attacks towards other users or harassment will be not be tolerated.
  • It is not allowed to ask/request other users or Admins to do edits unless a page is protected.
  • The World of Speed Wiki is not a place for dodging or discussing bans inflicted upon a user on another wikia site.
  • The World of Speed Wiki has the right to extend bans.
  • Ban evasion is not tolerated. Any changes made through a secondary account will be reverted.