What's the difference between this and the official Wos Wiki?

Now some of you may wonder, what's the point of having a Wiki stored on Wikia when there's an official Wiki?

Here's the difference. As the World of Speed Wiki on Gamepedia is official, this means that the Wiki on Gamepedia will never really achieve full neutrality and this isn't a very good thing, What I mean with that is that since the Wiki is co-owned by my.com, my.com reserves the full right of removing content that they may not like. Another con (it is a con in my opinion) is that the Gamepedia Wiki is reaching for a commercial approach. The articles over there are very biased. You can take a look by your self over there!

What goes for this Wiki on Wikia is that this is a fan-site made by the community, It is not my.com who owns the content on the Wiki. It's us the community and the authors who helped writing and improving the articles who own the content. We can change, modify and develop (with the help of CSS and JavaScipt coding) anything we want (within limits of the Editing policy) with this Wiki thus meaning that we have the power to achieve things that would not be possible on an official Wiki.

This post isn't meant tell you which one is better over the other but to put things in perspective. Pick a side, maybe you will find the Official one to be better anyway but you're freely welcome to edit on this site whenever you'd like to!