As more locations are getting unveiled, here are some Flags that are ready to be used at any time. These ones will also be used for the upcoming userboxes! Where are you from yo?

If something's missing then please file a request to User:NFSKutski

Flag Country
Flag Albania Albania
Flag Algeria Algeria
Flag Argentina Argentina
Flag Armenia Armenia
Flag Australia Australia
Flag Austria Austria
Flag Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Flag Bangladesh Bangladesh
Flag Belarus Belarus
Flag Belgium Belgium
Flag Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag Brazil Brazil
Flag Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag Cameroon Cameroon
Flag Canada Canada
Flag Chile Chile
Flag China China
Flag Colombia Colombia
Flag Costa Rica Costa Rica
Flag Cote d'Ivore Cote d'Ivore
Flag Croatia Croatia
Flag Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag Denmark Denmark
Flag Ecuador Ecuador
Flag Egypt Egypt
Flag Estonia Estonia
Flag Finland Finland
Flag France France
Flag Georgia Georgia
Flag Germany Germany
Flag Ghana Ghana
Flag Greece Greece
Flag Hungary Hungary
Flag Iceland Iceland
Flag India India
Flag Indonesia Indonesia
Flag Iran Iran
Flag Iraq Iraq
Flag Ireland Ireland
Flag Israel Israel
Flag Italy Italy
Flag Japan Japan
Flag Jordan Jordan
Flag Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Flag Kenya Kenya
Flag Latvia Latvia
Flag Lebanon Lebanon
Flag Lithuania Lithuania
Flag Macedonia Macedonia (F.Y.R)
Flag Malaysia Malaysia
Flag Malta Malta
Flag Mexico Mexico
Flag Moldova Moldova
Flag Monaco Monaco
Flag Montenegro Montenegro
Flag Morocco Morocco
Flag Netherlands Netherlands
Flag New Zealand New Zealand
Flag Norway Norway
Flag Pakistan Pakistan
Flag Philippines Philippines
Flag Poland Poland
Flag Portugal Portugal
Flag Romania Romania
Flag Russia Russia
Flag Serbia Serbia
Flag Singapore Singapore
Flag Slovakia Slovakia
Flag Slovenia Slovenia
Flag South Africa South Africa
Flag South Korea South Korea
Flag Spain Spain
Flag Sweden Sweden
Flag Switzerland Switzerland
Flag Thailand Thailand
Flag Tunisia Tunisia
Flag Turkey Turkey
Flag Ukraine Ukraine
Flag UK United Kingdom
Flag USA United States of America
Flag Uruguay Uruguay
Flag Venezuela Venezuela
Flag Vietnam Vietnam